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Issues & Political Concerns

Building a Better Troy - Together

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Supporting Public Safety

I have worked diligently to provide our police and fire departments with the resources they need to be effective, such as body cameras for our police officers and a new fire truck. Troy has also begun installing license plate cameras to assist in solving and preventing property crimes. These efforts will support public safety and promote peace of mind for our residents. As a member of the Safe Troy Slate, I will continue to prioritize investments in public safety.


Vibrant Community Life through High-Quality Amenities

To keep Troy growing and thriving, the City Council must continue to invest in the amenities that make our city a great place to raise a family. This is why I’m proud to have supported the library millage in 2020, which ensured that young people, seniors, and community groups will continue to have a safe place to gather. I also supported the creation of the Jeanne M Stine Community Park and improvements to Troy’s other parks and trails. Continuing to expand our recreational programs in Troy will help keep young residents in the city and maintain our high quality of life.


A Smart, Balanced Approach to Development

During my time on Council I have pursued a policy of smart development, one that balances the need for new housing in our in-demand city with the need to preserve green space. In particular, I have voted to approve efficient cluster developments - while not being afraid to send developers back to the drawing board when needed. This approach has helped more young families stay in Troy while maintaining the look and feel of existing neighborhoods. I will always hold developers to high standards when reviewing proposed new developments, ensuring that they don’t cut corners while building the housing that Troy needs to grow.

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Responsible Fiscal Management

After years of fiscal mismanagement in the 2010s, I’m proud to say that Troy has passed a balanced budget during all four of my years on Council. Achieving this, while maintaining a healthy revenue mix, has helped Troy maintain its triple-A credit rating, helping us continue to qualify for competitive grants on important city projects. Four more years of me on the City Council will mean four more years of balanced budgets and prudent fiscal management. I will always fight for Troy’s taxpayers getting the best bang for their buck.

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